Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 Bumbershoot Preview

Sorry for the short notice. I have been Hella-busy. The asterisks are acts I recommend. See you this weekend.
More to follow....

Saturday, 5 Sept 09

Samsung Mobile Mainstage
Katy Perry
She kissed a girl and liked it!

All-American Rejects
Rock, production is fine, but can’t really distinguish them from a lot of other bands.

*Old 97s
Old school Rock sound leaning toward Rock-a-Billy and Alt-Country.

Sheryl Crow
Sheryl has left Las Vegas to soak up the sun in Seattle.

Rockstar Stage
Sick Puppies
Loud, aggressive, angry young man Rock-n-Roll.

*Iglu & Hartly
Is it Dance, Techno or Hip-Hop? Yes and it’s upbeat and fun!

Gang Gang Dance
Dance music with a worldly pulse, get on your feet.

Loud, aggressive, angry young man Rock-n-Roll.

Fisher Green Stage
*Adrian Xavier

*Mayer Hawthorne
Sweet soulful sounds from a geeky looking white guy.

Thick and juicy Hip-Hop from DC.

Os Mutantes
Brazilian Pop.

De La Soul
Two decades in the trenches and still churning out smooth Hip-Hop grooves.

Starbucks Stage
Kristen Ward
Local talent sharing singer/songwriter Folk-Rock.

Kim Field & The Mighty Titans of Tone
Slow and smokey, rough and rowdy Blues from Seattle.

*Massy Ferguson
The self-proclaimed People’s Band rockin’ from Seattle.

Carrie Rodriguez
Folk Rock from a consummate entertainer with great pipes.

Eric Hutchinson
Catchy Pop tunes, reminds me of Billy Joel.

World Party
Rock that pops from the foggy isles.

Broad Street Stage
Slower, mostly Rock-based songs. Reminds me of Neil Young

Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head
Seattle’s very own Electro-Dance group.

*Low Vs Diamond
Excellently arranged and delivered Rock’n’Roll.

Matt & Kim
Electro-Pop from NY.

Electro-Pop California style.

*The Long Winters
I love this band!!!! Excellent Rock from one of Seattle’s own.

Northwest Court
The Not-Its
Pop for the younger set.

We Are Golden
Elaborately arranged Rock with great musicianship and vocals.

Latin Pop Rock from NY.

Eleni Mandell
Folk Rock. Nice voice.

*Elvis Perkins
LA Folk Rock phenom.

EMP Skychurch
*Dyno Jamz
To quote EMP, “West Coast cool jazz to East Coast 80s hip-hop”

New Wave, Electro-Rockers from Seattle.

Past Lives
Seattle rockers.

In your face Rock from Seattle. Suck it bitches!

The Whore Moans
More in your face Rock from Seattle.

Great Rock sound. I love this band!

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground
Reminds me of Queen’s cabaret approach to Rock.

Sunday, 6 September 09

Samsung Mobile Mainstage
Cold War Kids
Rockin’ in from LA.

*Yeah Yeah Yeahs
If Chrissie Hynde was starting in music today she’d be in this band.

*Michael Franti
World Beat from the Bay Area. I dare you to sit still.

Jason Mraz
Smooth, Pop sounds from Southern California.

Rockstar Stage
Rockstar Winner

Maximo Park
UK Rock, rather tasty.

Swollen Members
Hip-Hop from Vancouver, BC

No Age
It’s knocking-over-trash-cans-with-a-chainsaw Rock.

Self-described as Electro-Punk, I’m inclined to agree.

Fisher Green Stage
Kore Ionz
“Water for roots. Love of reggae. Fire for rock.” Ya mon…

Dyme Def
Portland Hip-Hop.

Extra Golden
Music from Kenya by way of a Chicago record label.

*Common Market
Do yourself a favor and see these guys, Seattle Hip-Hop.

*Roy Ayers
Jazz, Funk & Soul, what more could you ask for?

*Raphael Saadiq
Soul and R&B with an old school sound.

Starbucks Stage
Handful of Luvin’
Interesting Folk Rock.

The Dusty 45s
3 chord guitar and a whole lotta shaking goin’on

The Honey Brothers
Canadian quintet playing World Beat Pop tunes.

Sera Cahoone
Somber, Soulful Country from a former Indie-Rock drummer.

Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women
A walking, talking lexicon of American Roots music.

Brett Dennen
If Jack Johnson and Tracy Chapman had a child…Funkified Folky Pop.

Broad Street Stage
Hey Marseilles
Folk music.

Mt St Helens Vietnam Band

United States of Electronica, need I say more?

Vivian Girls
NYC punkers

*Holy F**k
Original instrumental electronic Rock.

*The Helio Sequence
Pop Rockers from Portland.

Northwest Court
Central Services presents the Board of Education
Kiddie Pop.

Steve Griggs Quintet
Jazz, but I can’t hear it because he has no Myspace page.

Mark Taylor Quartet

Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder
Latin Jazz!

Paul Oscher
Blues, Blues, Blues.

Todd Snider
Blues, Folk, Country and Rock.

EMP Skychurch
The Kindness Kind
Local Rockers.

*Black Whales
These guys are good, basic Rock’N’Roll.

Parenthetical Girls
Chamber Rock from Everett by way of Portland.

New Wave Rockers from Seattle.

Sleepy Eyes of Death
Electro-Rock from the Emerald City.

Local Hip-Hop

DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid
No tunes on the MySpace player.

Monday, 7 September 09

Samsung Mobile Mainstage
The Knux
Hip-Hop from Hollywood , by way of New orleans, California

*The Black Eyed Peas
Saw Fergie a few years ago, this should be fun.

Franz Ferdinand
Rocking along

Modest Mouse
Issaquah Rock band.

Rockstar Stage
Rockstar Winner

Forgive Durden performing Razia’s Show
Not entirely sure what this is

Dead Confederate
Hard Rocking boys from Georgia.

Audrye Sessions
“…polished, propulsive rock songs and gentle, stripped-down tunes…”

3 Inches of Blood
Just exactly what you’d expect from a band called 3 Inches of Blood.

Fisher Green Stage
Seattle Hip-Hop

Dehli 2 Dublin
Celtic melodies and Indian beats with a little Hip-Hop for good measure.

*The New Mastersounds
Funky, Soulful, Bluesy.

Janelle Monae
Soul/R&B, Pop, Great vocals!

Vieux Farka Toure
Mali sensation keeps the family tradition alive and well.

Sly & Robbie
Reggae from Bob Marley’s rhythm section.

Starbucks Stage
Tyler Bryant
Tyler’s talented, but way too young to play authentic blues.

The Minus 5
Pop-Rockers going strong.

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
No tunes on the MySpace player.

*The Devil Makes Three
Fun, bright Country sounds.

*The Cave Singers
Saw ‘em on the NW stage a few years back. Great music!

Keller Williams
Acoustic Funk, Folk, Country and whatever else he feels like doing.

Broad Street Stage
No doubt about it Rock’N’Roll.

Say Hi
Rock and it’s not too bad at all.

Pop Rock from sultry singing siren.

Jazzy grooves switch to in-your-face Rock guitar.

UK Rock somberly

Yeah, they Rock.

Northwest Court
Anomie Belle
Electronic, somber approaches to Rock.

Recess Monkey
Kid focused Pop.

Grand Hallway
Folk Rock with a Japanese influence. That’s what their MySpace page says.

Oren Lavie
Jazzie, electronic background with soulful vocals. Sounds a bit like Nick Drake.

Portland Cello Project
This is not your father’s cello band.

Nicely done Pop from Down Under

EMP Skychurch
*Department of Energy
Great original Rock.

Point Juncture, WA
More Rock from Portland.

The Lonely Forest
Anacortes own Rock, WOW! Go see this band.

Champagne Champagne
Local Hip-Hop

Pop & Hip-Hop.

Hippity-Hoppity Techno

Head Like a Kite
Shoegaze, WTF? Who comes up with these?